In grammar, a hyphen serves to join two words, creating a unified meaning. Intriguingly, this simple punctuation mark has recently become a subject of division in today’s politically charged climate.

For groups like Asian-Americans, African-Americans, and Mexican-Americans, the hyphen is more than just a dash; it’s a marker of cultural identity, family heritage, and ethnic background. While some view it as enriching, others argue it diminishes one’s American identity. Yet, America has never been about a single culture, and as minority populations rise in major cities, the multicultural fabric of America becomes increasingly integral to our daily lives.

Culture isn’t a zero-sum equation. Being Mexican-American or Chinese-American doesn’t make you any less American. In fact, culture is such a fluid concept that its expression can vary depending on context.

So, embrace the hyphen! A multicultural America is a robust and beautiful America. The hyphen helps articulate not just who you are, but also the rich tapestry of where you come from. Being American means having the freedom to express, worship, and even hyphenate as you choose.

In conclusion, culture is not a closed concept but rather a dynamic and expansive one, filled with reasons for pride.