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That's all it takes to do real research. To develop strong strategy. To create viral videos highlighted by major publications.

Successful brands know this and plan quality custom photography and video production. Combined with a clear copywriting voice, visual content brings your brand to life and keeps it top of mind. Now, especially, brands are being challenged to discover fresh ways to tell stories.

Video Editing
Pre and post-production
Branded Content
Audio & Voiceover

Our featured services

Audio & Video Production
Elevate your brand's story with our cutting-edge audio and video production services.
Content Development
Elevate your story with dynamic video content crafted to captivate and convert.
Video Editing
Turning uncut moments into polished narratives that captivate and inspire.
Pre and post-production
From initial concepts to the final cut, we handle every aspect of your project for a seamless storytelling experience.
Scripting and Screenwriting
Crafting compelling narratives that bring your vision to the screen.
Color correction
Enhancing visuals to perfection, one hue at a time.
Social Media Live Streaming
Elevating real-time engagement with immersive social media live streaming experiences.
Audio and Voice Overs
Captivating your audience with crystal-clear audio and impactful voice overs.
Bridging linguistic gaps to connect your message with diverse audiences.

Our clients testimonials

Excellent customer services, quality work, very knowledgeable as well as organized and responsive. Truely a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
Flora Beal, Communications Professional
I really liked Avanza’s full production capabilities, and how Alejandro worked to develop emotionally-resonant messages to inspire South Florida residents to help us increase shelter pet adoptions.
Erik Hofmeyer, Director of Communications
Avanza would transform any idea or content into the requested deliverable and work cohesively with the team to incorporate changes if needed.
Rachel Shepherd, Marketing Manager
Avanza always provides a very responsive turn around with great options. His attention to detail is excellent!
Regan Brown, CEO The G.B. Group